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Camera, lights, action! Okay, we are not going to be competing with Spielberg Studios anytime soon, but we have opened a YouTube account, as well as a Vimeo account and intend to upload some interesting content very soon.

Our video uploads should present a clearer picture of the topics we are most passionate about, whether it be the latest properties we have available for sale, interesting changes in Costa del Sol market conditions, or simply some sun, sea and sand videos from this most beautiful Spanish coastline.

We're rolling!

“There's no way you're getting me in front of the camera.” Everyone in the APEX Marbella office.

Okay, we thought: it's going to be tough to generate great videos without a presenter. But then we gave it some more thought and decided that this part of the world is best presented with uninterrupted panoramic views wherever possible: what better way to view the most amazing landscape scenery, the beautifully long sandy beaches, and how the clear blue sea gently rolls in at sunset without someone being in the way of it all? Well, that's our excuse anyway, so we will be giving it a try in the coming weeks and update you with our latest additional content as and when.

Want to see something in particular?

If you are already familiar with the Costa del Sol, especially Marbella and Mijas Costa, and would like us to upload some video footage about it, then please do let us know. Perhaps you have fond memories of places you have visited here and would like others to see how great it is, or maybe you're interested in buying a property in an area you would like to see more of, or maybe you'd just like a video of the waves rolling onto the beach on a sunny day, just let us know and we will do all we can.

Above all else, we have read that blogging gives businesses the opportunity to be heard in a way in a different and unconventional way, so we are going to do it our way and try to make it as different and unconventional as we can.

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