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Updated: Mar 25, 2019

The first quarter of 2019 has seen a number of key changes within the company, most notably the releasing of some of our holiday rental properties as we strive to strengthen our sales team.

Whilst we have retained a number of holiday rental properties within our portfolio, we have moved a large number of happy clients to be managed by another company. We arrived at this decision in October 2018 after another really very busy year of the team working on too many different disciplines, all of which are extremely important to us and our clients. In order ease some of the stress and wiith the sales market gaining strength, we decided to refocus and regroup whist still offering full services and support for new clients and we are already seeing the effects of these changes in the knowledge that they have been to the benefit of all.

Present services

The effects of these changes are already proving to be to the benefit of all.

APEX Marbella Property Management started its life offering all property management services to our client property owners in Marbella East. Whether the client has bought a home in Spain to live in as a permanent resident, to visit occasionally for personal use only, for holiday rentals registration and marketing, for repairs, renovations, new kitchens or bathrooms, or as an investment for long-term letting, APEX Marbella offers all services to support the property owner client abroad.

Property management services remain the the foundations of the business. The growth of other property related business sectors has seen the company evolve and grow. The worldwide financial crisis of the last decade has had a lasting effect on many sectors of the property industry, and Costa del Sol property was no exception. However, sales volumes and prices here have been widely reported to have been steadily rising over recent years.

APEX Marbella Property and its new offices in Calahonda has grown from property management and we are eager to pursue this further by offering sales as part of our services. The business strategy for 2019 has been to strengthen our presence in the sales industry by marketing resale, new-build and off-plan properties for sale across the Costa del Sol.

There are many amazing new developments becoming available as developers work to reinvigorate the coast and surrounding areas with new properties of modern design, high efficiency, quality and technology, and we at APEX Marbella Property are excited to become part of that growth.

Thank you for reading our latest post and we hope you will remain with us and share our story with others as we progress through this new era of the business.

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